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United Recycling Services is the disassembly and demanufacturing operation of United Recycling Industries, Inc.'s total asset recovery concept for the environmentally safe disposal and recycling of excess, obsolete, or end of life commercial, industrial, military, and consumer electronic material. Through its affiliation with its sister companies United Refining & Smelting Co. and Universal Integrated Circuits, United Recycling can offer it's customers complete and environmentally sound one-stop recycling services. In addition, as a result of its demanufacturing efforts, United remarkets a wide range of products from computers to test equipment to individual components and parts, and can provide parts storage and pulling services for its customers.

Before a product can be properly recycled, it must be separated into components that will yield the maximum recoverable value. Thus, United Recycling is the first stage along the recycling "pipeline". Depending on the product's composition and components, as well as current market conditions, the disassembly and demanufacturing process could vary significantly. For example, one discarded computer may be able to be remarketed as a working unit, while another may warrant disassembly for parts, such as hard drive, integrated circuits, floppy drive, cooling fans, etc. While in other situations, market conditions and/or the customer's desire to have a product destroyed for proprietary reasons may warrant the complete demanufacturing of the product and the individual recovery of its precious and base metals. The disassembly and recovery process is custom designed to ensure maximum recovery with absolute environmental integrity.

United, along with its sister companies, is able to service a wide variety of companies. United's customers range from small independent suppliers to Fortune 50 companies. Virtually any manufacturer of an electronic product or component is a candidate for United's services. In addition, virtually any user of electronic products is also a candidate for our services. For example, a service company may not manufacture an electronic product, but it more than likely utilizes computers, printers, fax machines, copiers, etc. Often, when these items are updated or replaced, they are simply stored or many times are landfilled. Both of these alternatives have costs associated with them, and landfilling has a potential environmental liability. United's objective is to maximize its customer's recovery and minimize its disposal costs using environmentally sound procedures and facilities.

Because of the wide and diverse customer base served by United and its sister companies, a wide selection of products, components, and parts is available for sale. Included in this web site is a selection of some of the product currently available. Product for sale changes often, so please visit often or call, write, or e-mail

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